deep thoughts
Some random thoughts for Thursday afternoon...

While I was driving today I saw a work truck with a phone number spray painted on the side. From a distance it looked like the number was 301-BOOB. As I got a little closer it turned out to be something like 301-8003, but BOOB would have been way cooler.

You may have heard about our recent mosquito problem. The "Elk Grove" section of today's Sac Bee had a story about one the local Vector Control experts who's job it is to "fight the bite". It's a small measure of fame to be in the Bee (I should know, after all) but he's a hero to me for saving the neighborhood from the mosquitos' reign of terror.

woot.com offerend a Bag of Crap last night and Jenny and I both missed it. Damn!

Hott 4 Hill -- awesome. And as a side note I think I have a new fake girlfriend. And no, I don't mean Hillary.

I need one of these. Nerdy humor. Those geeks over at Think Geek never fail to impress.