more than meets the eye
I went to see Transformers with Tom S. yesterday. It was a little long but overall pretty good. The special effects are very very good. There's obviously no such thing as 25-foot tall robot transformers (or maybe there is, maybe they're just "in disguise". Hmmm... ) so the action sequences don't exactly look "real", but honestly I thought they looked as real as anything else on the screen. As a computer nerdy kinda guy I can usually pick up on CGI effects right away, but these were about as seamless as I have seen. Well done to the computer artists involved, and the amount of processing power that must have been required to render all that is unbelievable.

As I was leaving the theater I swear that Dave Chapelle drove past me. This guy looked just like him, and the fact that he was smoking a joint while driving, I think, just completed the illusion. Maybe it was him, maybe Dave likes to hang at the Greenback Cinedome?