My excuse for not updating recently: slow internet. Our home connection has slowed to a crawl recently. Frontier has apparently oversold their bandwidth which means that we get hosed when everyone is trying to get online in the early evening hours.

Surewest to the rescue! They have fiber to the curb in our neighborhood and were out here to complete the connections yesterday. We now have 10Mbit up & down, which is pretty darn fast. It's nothing compared to Japan where the average speed is something like 60Mbit, but not too bad over all. Our upload speed is actually faster than download at about 12Mbit right now, which makes putting photos onto flickr a breeze. Can't wait until prices drop and the full fiber bandwidth is affordable. Right now Surewest offers up to 50Mbit in both directions and of course the potential for fiber is much higher than that. Hooray for technology!