Lights, cars, action?
Let's all give a shout-out to Eighty-Five Ways to Decorate your house with Christmas lights #55 which belongs to the dynamic and resourceful Jenny & Scott. Well done!

I have not put up any lights yet, and I refuse to do so until at least Dec 1. Even after that, I may just refuse because I'm lazy. And a little grinchy.

In other news, my car is leaking some kind of vital fluid, which is not good. Actually two different kinds of vital fluids which is even more not good. Fluid number 1 appears to be coolant, and based on the location of the deposits, I'd venture a guess that it's coming from my water pump. Not a catastrophe, but certainly not easy to get to, and therefore costs an arm and a leg to R&R. The second fluid is some sort of oily substance. Possibly oil. I can already see the Canadian dollar signs lighting up in my mechanic's eyes. He's not Canadian, but seeing how the US dollar is hardly worth the fabric it's printed on these days, he'll probably demand payment in CND$. Or pesos.