I survived San Francisco, how about Sacramento?
Well, I survived Macworld. Not that there was any doubt that I would, but perhaps you thought that I'd fallen into a hole without internet access and was thus unable to update you on my adventures. If that's what you were thinking, then I apologize for any undue stress on your psyche. If you weren't worried about me, then you may instead enjoy some photos from the event, although they may only be interesting to the Mac users among you.

I managed to take a few general San Francisco photos as well, you can find some of those in this album, or elsewhere on my flickr stream. Yes, as you may have read elsewhere I plunked down some cash for a new Nikon D40 which is an entry level Digital SLR. Despite being entry level it's pretty capable and it is possible to take some really good photos with it. I haven't used an SLR since high school, so it may take a while to get it all figured out again. Until then I'm having fun shooting a lot of pictures. You may remember a few posts ago when I said that we shot 3900 photos last year. A week in with the D40 I've already taken almost 600 frames. Not all of them are brilliant of course, in fact, most of them are awful. I don't know how we survived in the film days, it's so much easier to just shoot a lot of frames on digital, adjusting exposure, etc. as you go.

Also, while we're on the topic of cameras be careful buying memory cards on eBay. I've bought them there in the past with no troubles, but the latest one I picked up (a Sandisk 2GB SD Ultra II) turned out to be an obvious counterfeit when I received it. The label was cheaply printed, the Sandisk "notch" that appears on all their genuine cards was missing, and the printed warranty card had spelling and logical errors. The seller offered a full refund, but I suspect he will just turn around and sell it to someone else. Be careful out there! Best Buy has the 2GB Ultra II on sale this week for half price -- I bought a new one there for peace of mind.