Sometimes I just forget to include a punchline
I spent most of last week fighting off some kind of cough/cold/fever which wasn't much fun so I hope you'll forgive my lack of updates here. I'm just about to hit my seventh year of writing this blog, so if I lose my inspiration occasionally then it's only because I've already used up all my ideas. My writers are on strike right now, so creating my own material is a bit of a problem. (I can only recycle old Seinfeld jokes for so long.)

So next week is the annual Steve Jobs keynote in San Francisco, which is always fun for those of us who run in certain techy circles. You may remember a little splash last year over some phone that nobody ever heard of again. No idea what is in store for this year, so counting down the moments until the big reveal. If all goes according to plan I'll then be in SF starting on Wednesday this week to soak up a few days of Macworld. Reports to follow from the show floor!