There's his brother, with the green hat
Tom has a new evening habit. The kids usually eat dinner early, around 5p and we eat a bit later. Lately, while we're eating he will come over to the table with a grin on his face and ask if we're finished eating. By this time I already know what his ultimate goal is but I usually play along. He'll keep watching me intently to see when I've finished eating. As soon as my plate is clean he'll ask "Now are you done?". So, I give in and and tell him I'm done. The next thing out of his mouth is "Ok, now can we play video games?". Yep, that's right. I have a 3 year old addicted to video games. If he's been good we load up Super Mario Galaxy and both kids sit on the couch and watch me play. Tom always sits on my right and has to hold the game package while we play. He's a creature of habit.

When the game loads and Mario appears on screen, one or both kids usually yell out "there's your little guy, Mario!". Then once we're in the game they say "I want to go to my level". They don't really have their own levels, they just like to pick which one to go to. They both like to point out objects on screen ("there's a penny!") and ask questions about what's going on ("why did you jump on his head daddy?"). They seem disappointed if I lose a life ("oh, you fell into that black hole"). If we have enough time I let them walk around the Comet Observatory which is a safe area that has no chance of losing a life or getting hurt. Since the games uses two controllers they both get one and share the duties of walking around and crouching/jumping. All in all, I think they're going to be future gaming addicts, Tom especially. We may eventually have to get them their own set of controllers though, I guess they won't want to share forever.