sz-forget about it
For lack of anything else to write about....

Back in the day (circa mid nineties) if you had an account on one of the UC Davis Unix systems you probably had an "ez" account (or if you had access to Euclid then it was an "EZ" account, but I digress. If you had access to Euclid and knew how to use it, I salute you). Staff got "sz" accounts, and faculty got "fz". My login was ez049363. 10 points if you can remember yours. -10 if you're still using the same password today that you were using on that account. 1000 points if you remember that 752-7925 was the dial-in number. (For you kids at home, we used to have to use a thing called a modem, along with something known as a telephone line to connect to the interwebs... and it wasn't even the real interweb, it was mostly just gopher. And the porn took forever to download.) You can trade in your points for a free trucker cap at any Arco AM/PM when you purchase a minimum of 10 gallons of gasoline.

For those of us who are of, let's say, the geeky persuasion, getting access to a shared system means you get to explore, figure out what other people are doing, poke around the system, get your computer account access revoked for accessing another user's files without permission, etc. Standard stuff. You may, for example, have figured out that chip&dale and rocky&bullwinkle were the most popular servers to log in to, and were often overloaded. Some poking around would have netted you access to systems like george, fella, and mrranger which were often less utilized so faster overall. Perhaps if you even more inquisitive you may have found other users, looked at what they were doing, read their .plan and .project files, etc. No? OK, that was just me then.

Making a long story even longer, all of this is an overly verbose way of saying that there used to be a user whose login name was "szfuckit". To this day I want to know what the story behind that login name was. How did it get created and who did it belong to? Did the University know or care? Yes, these are the types of things that I think about. That, and how to turn what is essentially a 3-word question into an entire blog post.

Every so often I'll think "ess zee fuck it" to myself in place of just plain old "fuck it". It has a nice sort of ring to it. Try it, you'll like it. Using it in conversation is likely to be confusing to those around you, however, so plan accordingly. So, I'll close by saluting Mr or Mrs szfuckit, wherever and whoever you may be. That was one hell of a username.

The only better choice would have been "ezfuckit". So quick, get to your ISP or Gmail or university's Unix server and see if it's available....