Mud, slime, dust, dirt, slop, filth, grime
Bad news about George Carlin today. From seven dirty words to Fillmore, quite a career.
On the topic of comedians... I was watching Last Comic Standing while I was away on business last week, mostly because it's summer and there's absolutely nothing on TV except garbage like Celebrity Circus, America's Next Top MILF and Farmer Wants a Hoe. LCS isn't much better than the other choices but I figured at least I might laugh a little. Plus MILF Island is on hiatus.
Now having watched the show I think the two initial judges (the actors that play Toofer & Lonnie from 30 Rock) may have been high during some of the auditions. Either that or there was some kind of clever intercutting of scenes, or "editing" as I'm told they call it in Hollywood, during postproduction that conspired to make them look as if they were laughing at things that weren't funny. Or maybe I'm just not as good a judge of a joke as I thought I was. I mean, last time I checked I didn't have a recurring role on one of the funniest shows on television so what do I know?