Now with more updatery goodness
Soft, what update through yonder keyboard breaks? Let's recap what I've been up to since last we spoke.

Sold my truck. Tom cried. He kept wanting to know when it was coming back. "Maybe after it visits all the other houses?" He seems to get attached to cars. He is becoming quite a little gearhead. He notices things about cars, their colors&shapes, etc, and he notices if anything changes. Just as long as he doesn't grow up to be a NASCAR fan. Formula 1 would be OK. As for the truck it's off to a new home with a guy that is going to fix it up and restore it. It will probably last another 40+ years.

Mac nerdery at WWDC. I made it down to San Francisco for the 3G iPhone announcement and the ensuing madness. Twice as fast at half the price means this thing is going to be a hot seller. Come on, stock price! Not sure yet if I'll be upgrading, I don't know if the additional speed and GPS features are worth it to me, but GPS sure would be nice to have. Plus with my discounted price it would be almost silly not to upgrade, right?

Speaking of San Francisco. I enjoy visiting SF because it's wonderfully weird. Where else can you find a porn shop on the corner right next to a $250/night Hilton? And where else can you be verbally propositioned by a man who would "put you in a limo and take you to my house"? I don't even really know what that means, but maybe it works for some people. It's also fun to play spot-the-tourist, which is usually pretty easy. They're the ones with their heads buried in a map as they cross Market Street against a red light while a Muni bus barrels towards them. Hint to tourists: Muni probably won't stop, so it's on you to get out of the way in time.

Cooling off. Got the A/C in my car fixed up just in time for another long hot summer. And then our house A/C went out. Blurg. Luckily we got a same-day appointment and got it fixed within a few minutes. All these A/C bills are adding up! Oh well, it's only money I guess and I'm a bit of a baby so I definitely need to have my air-conditioned comfort otherwise I get grumpy.