Happy birthday, sis! Sorry our gift ruined your computer and your will to live.

In other news, I'm intrigured to learn that TI-85 calculators are still going strong among the eBay crowd. I have my old one listed right now in case you need some way to surreptitiously hide cheat sheets for that big math test you have next week. Not that I ever did that or anything.

In related news, Tarabelle has been on a bit of a purge streak lately. I know... She's thin enough as it is, right? Anyway, she's also cleaning out the house, thus the soon to be sold (hopefully) TI-85. I have a few other things to list as well, not to mention the crap we've already trashed or free-cycled. If you're interested in dumpster diving for some items of questionable value and limited utility you could do a lot worse than our trash right about now. Just saying.