I took a couple of days off at the beginning of this week after having worked 12 straight days, many of which were 10+ hours each, the week before. It's good to get a break. On Tuesday Tara and I took the time for a road trip to Davis and visit to campus for lunch.

A couple of things of note about this trip: First, I'm fairly confident that it was the first time I have ever been inside the Silo Pub. We ate lunch there with a group of people, and I was pleasantly surprised with the food. I really had no idea what the Pub was like. I don't know why I never went there while I was a student, I guess our group of friends just never really hung out there much. We ate lunch with Professor Mark Kurth, two of his grad students, and a couple of other folks. You know that kickin' it with the faculty is what we're all about.

After lunch we took in a presentation on some of the latest work in the field of synthetic chemistry and then had a tour of the furthest reaches of the Chem annex building while chatting about organic chemistry. Because that's how we roll.

Why all the chemistry fuss? It turns out that the Tara K. Telford Fund for Cystic Fibrosis Research has been hard at work on some potentially very exciting discoveries. For real. A little while ago some money was generously donated in Tara's name to create a fund for research at Davis. Where better, than at the finest university institution in the world, eh? Dr Kurth and his graduate students are working on research aimed at curing the underlying issue of CF, the cells' defective chloride channel. Their research has so far produced some early, but promising results. Turning those results into a workable drug is still many years off, of course, but these early stages seem to be going well. The chemistry is way over my head so I'll leave it at that.

In the meantime, research continues. If you have an extra million or two knocking around that you're looking to be all philanthropic with, let us know. I'm sure we can arrange for it to become part of the TKTFfCFR. I'd even buy you lunch at the Pub.