A few things:

If you're an Aggie and have not yet seen this, then you're missing out. Best cake ever.

If you're an Aggie (or Hornet), I hope you are going to the Causeway Classic tomorrow, November 8th. I'll be there before the game serving beer from a tent, so stop by.

If you're an Obama supporter, I hope you're happy. I know I am. I learned yesterday that Palin didn't realize that Africa was a continent, nor could she name the countries involved in NAFTA (i.e. the three largest countries in North America). I have problems with McCain's policies but at least he seems to have a brain and seems to want to do right (however misguidedly). But the thought of her being elected into office really frightened me, she's not qualified to run a lemonade stand.

If you're a Prop 8 supporter, I hope you're happy. I'm disgusted (but frankly, not surprised) at your narrow-mindedness.

If you're still reading, and in case you didn't catch it earlier, I leave you with this. Bacon FTW!