Aces and Eights
Because I can't let this die, because he phrases it more eloquently than I could, and because I secretly want to marry John Hodgman (I kid, that would be illegal!), I'll quote from his blog:

I have confidence that, in no short order, Prop 8 will be repealed, and the gay marriage debate will look as absurd at the miscegenation debates of the 20th century do now. I have confidence this will happen not because it is merely right, or because the electorate will suddenly love gayness, but because opposition to gay marriage has no logical foundation in a civil society that is premised on equality.

Aside: Despite spending literally hours of my life in a college classroom, I had to look up "miscegenation". I'll share a Mac tip — hover your mouse over a word, hold Control-Command and hit D. Presto, a definition. Keep holding down Cmd-Ctrl and move the mouse, and you keep getting definitions, like magic. Sorry Windows folks, this is Mac only.