Year in review
I only posted 40 entries this year (not counting this one). That's an average of 3 ⅓ per month which is a significant drop off from prior years. Sorry about that. On the upside you got a new picture on my photostream every damn day, and that's not easy.

Speaking of photos I find that it's my obligation under the law to report my annual photo stats. 7716 photos taken in '08 as of this morning, and I'm sure that will creep up a bit by the end of the day. That's about an 87% increase over last year, but unfortunately I'm going to miss the 20k total mark by just a hair. We're at 19,788 in our library.

But on to the year in review: we lost a friend, I learned to like "soup", I started a hare-brained photography project, we sweated, I tried (and tried, and tried) my hand at comedy, got a promotion and I ranted (repeatedly).

So, not a bad year all in all. More ups than downs I guess. Jan 20th '09 should be an up. Looking forward to what's in store for the coming year.

Happy New Year all, stay safe if you're out partying (if you're not out partying then I guess I don't care if you're safe or not!). Check back with you next year!