Move on
Some news: both good and bad. First up, Tara and I are making a big change in our lives here in the next week or so. We have decided to move to Davis. We've always loved it there, and we have wanted to move back for a long time. We looked around a few times in the past but the timing was never right. Something recently came along that we couldn't pass up, so we decided to dive in heads first. We think this will be a good way for the kids to spend more time with the grandparents and of course, they will love being closer to the Dairy Queen.

The bad news though, is that we are selling our current house at a bit of a loss. This is unfortunate but really can't be avoided right now with the local housing prices being down 10% or more. It will also mean a bit of a commute for me to work, but I can telecommute part of the day and only show up to the office in the afternoons most of the time. Saturdays I won't have to go in at all. Because we're taking a bit of a hit on the house we will be moving into a slightly smaller place. It only has one fireplace. Big news for me though, it does have a small attached workshop and an underground, geothermally temperature controlled storage space (the previous owners were hippies or something!), but the house is pretty small. The kids do have their own room, converted from a previous (spacious) walk-in closet, but for efficiency they'll be getting bunk beds. They are thrilled! We'll live with some minor inconveniences in the meantime in order to get the location -- it's just off County Rd 102 about a half-mile north of the solar panels. Kinda on the outskirts of the city really, but it's the zipcode that counts! (I hope we don't get that "new" zipcode though, I better check on that)

I realize this is a pretty big announcement for most of you, only a couple of people really knew about our plans so I figured it would be easier to post it here rather than try to call everyone individually. We'll try to catch up to you soon on the phone anyway.