Review time
It's been out for a week now, so I hope you've had a chance to pick up the #2 comedy album on iTunes. Sadly it's not the audiobook version of this blog. I'm still working out the details on that one. I've mentioned Bo Burnham in this space before, so I suppose that my man-crush is now painfully and glaringly obvious. Nevertheless, it's my name at the top of the page there, so I get to set the rules about content. I can't just write about how I love puppies and rainbows every day. (Well I could, but I won't).

On to the details of my review: I've frequently said that any album that can make rape whistles the punch-line to an entire song is worth a second listen, and in that respect this one succeeds admirably. I've had it on near continuous repeat for the last few days and I'm happy to say that it hasn't yet grown old. The lyrics are very clever, and even after repeated listens I'm still digging out some puns and word-plays that I didn't quite pick up on the first few times. Most of the CD are tracks recorded from a live set, so you get some added improv, a smattering of stand-up and of course the audience feedback which I think only add to the CD. My only complaint, is that the disc is too short, at only 42 minutes, but I can appreciate how hard it is to try and write good material, so I give props for putting out about 40 more minutes than I could probably do (of which those two minutes would consist of some incoherent ramblings into the mic, followed by me playing the three unrecognizable guitar chords that I've mastered. Maybe musical comedy is not my thing)

If you've followed Bo on YouTube then you have probably heard most of the songs already, but as hard as it might be to believe, it is possible to improve on YouTube's legendary sound quality, and they seem to have managed that on this CD. There is a bonus track that I haven't heard elsewhere which is a good addition. Also, as a late addition, Bo just posted a new video exclusively* for this review.

So, to review the review (I feel like a gypsy on the run): buy this album if you like to laugh, I do not think you will be disappointed. (If you don't buy it, I'm told you'll get AIDS and die which seems a little harsh, but the RIAA does have some weird marketing habits). If you don't like to laugh, then you're on your own... I suggest Two and a Half Men.

Aside: while we're on the topic of comedy you must check out The Lonely Island's I'm On a Boat video. You know I can never get enough of T-Pain singing "the boat engine makes noise, mother fucker" through an auto-tune.

* and by exclusively I mean, unrelatedly