Hello sports fans
For you enjoyment, enrichment, schedulement, and general wonderment (and because ucdavisaggies.com seems to lack such an obvious feature) I have published a calendar of UC Davis football games.

Add it to your own calendar by downloading webcal://p01-www.icloud.com/ca/subscribe/1/ixoqdiJ6sblT73FJ2zthiUXxw1v7SApxH3os9Mz_aRtuEruKzz_HADsaSfSp1zAdKbHiwfpU6nAwAj9xguKCvI2sIPP-OPDozIMaeMJzE_c. Mac users can use the Calendar -> Subscribe menu option in iCal with that URL. Windows users: you are on your own.

This completes your yearly sports update.