Everybody try not to panic
I just got an email (from an actual human, with whom I have previously conversed and had generally assumed to be eccentric but not insane) letting me know that the rapture would be starting on September 18th at 10:45 local time, so if I didn't hear from him again that would be the reason why.

As you might imagine I immediately began packing my essentials (those being certain PEZ, a copy of Lethal Weapon 3, and a change of socks) just in case.

As I write this it is 11:18 local time. Yahoo news is not reporting on anything rapture-like except for "Unlucky town's unemployment quadruples" which may or may not be related. If you hear something, please let me know because I would really like to have an excuse not to have to sit through Hotel For Dogs at the twins' movie night tonight.

That is all.