… or a penis
Hey guys, remember all those times when your wife/girlfriend/Tiger-Woods-romantic-rendezvous got her hair cut and you didn't notice and then were made to feel guilty for not caring about her appearance even though the haircut probably looked almost identical to the previous style?

Well, I have finally won one for our team and had my revenge. I shaved almost a month's worth of beard growth, and what do you think the reaction from my loving family was? That's right. NOBODY FREAKING NOTICED! (Oh, except for a co-worker who mentioned it as soon as he walked in the door, that is. Maybe I should be concerned about his undue attention)

So, ladies, on behalf of all the guys out there: I want no more mock (or real) outrage when we fail to notice that you trimmed a ¼ inch off your hair, shaved your eyebrows, or grew a third arm or something because I have just proven that once you're in a relationship nobody cares about or notices how the other person looks. (Aside: You look great, those pants are very slimming, no your hair is not too big). Unless you grow a beard that is, in which case all bets are off…