Little Drummer Boy
I've been really getting into the drums on Guitar Hero/Rock Band lately. In my own mind I have always seen myself as the most fantastic drummer in the history of the world. Bear in mind that I had never touched a drum kit before three weeks ago, but I'm not sure that's any kind of pre-requisite. I've been religiously practicing air drums for years now, and I think that probably counts.

Well it turns out that actual drumming is somewhat more difficult than just beating the shit out of the car steering wheel, but Tara did manage to pay me a backhanded compliment last night when she said that my rendition of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (hard mode) from Beatles: Rock Band didn't sound quite as bad as the other crap I've been playing up to now. Win!

So now that my status as rock god has finally been confirmed what do I come across, but this 5-year old kid who makes me (and, frankly, a lot of professional musicians) look like an amateur:

What the hell have my 5-year-olds been up to lately? Clearly they are way behind the curve. What a disappointment they are.