End of an era

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I bought this car on December 26, 1997. It was the first car I owned. The asking price was $150, but after stopping by the ATM I didn't have change so I ended up paying $160, left in the seller's mailbox as he instructed. Yes, he was a bit of an odd duck.

I used it as a daily driver for some time, back in its "this side up" glory days. I put some time and quite a bit of money into it over the years, but interest slowly faded and I came to realize that I'm just not much of a car guy, and I have plenty of other expensive hobbies to waste my money on.

So, the time has come that it must move on to a better life. After a few rounds of sales listings I finally found a buyer and a price that agreed with each other. Taking the purchase price alone I'm making a 1250% profit on my money. If only that were the only money I had in it. Regardless, I've never bought a car expecting to make money so I won't dwell on that too much.

Come Monday, it will be off to a new home far away in New York, back to the east coast where it originally sold new in 1967. Fair thee well, old friend. May you live another 40 years.