Today's random rant, in which simians are invoked unnecessarily
Here's a problem that the 21st century has somehow failed to solve: email unsubscription delays.

How many times have you clicked on a link in an email to unsubscribe from some newsletter (I'm not talking about overt SPAM here, I mean email from a company with which you have an existing customer relationship) only to have the site report that it will take "up to 10 days to remove you from our system" or some such nonsense? I can't believe that in 2011 we still haven't managed to make this a near-instant process. How are these unsubscribe requests being processed?? I suspect they are being sent via Telex to a substation in China where they are transcribed by hand to paper then mailed to the US for processing by a team of trained chimps.

At most there should be a 1-day delay here to give the master database that contains email addresses time to run a cleanup job against the pending list of unsubscriptions. (Also, the chimps need time to eat once in a while.) From a technical point of view I cannot fathom any situation where it should take more than 24 hours to run this purge. Ideally unsubscriptions should just be processed immediately (ideally by a team of trained bonobos; they may be the chimp's dwarf cousin, but they are notoriously fast at processing email) instead of going into some endless queue.

Alternately, and here's a radical idea, businesses shouldn't sign me up for newsletters I don't want in the first place just because I placed an order with them or signed into their service. Most places are getting better about this in recent years but it's certainly not universal yet. Second alternately, I need a F.O.A.D. button installed on my keyboard that would inflict some great bodily harm on senders who refuse to honor my unsubscribe request in a timely manner.