I would do it myself but there's too much resistance
Why is it so hard to find a good electrician?  Are they ALL assholes who don't respect their customers or is there a good one out there who will show up as promised and follow through on commitments?

I only ask because I'm looking for an electrician to do some remodel work and so far I am zero for three on finding one who will actually do what he has promised to do – even when that thing is as simple as show up on time to give an estimate.  I mean, that's gotta be the most basic task in the sole-proprieter electrician's repertoire, wouldn't you think?  I can't imagine how it's even possible to maintain a business when you fail the very first interaction with the customer, but apparently these guys are doing it because they have phone numbers, and business cards, and websites, and contractor's licenses and stuff so they are apparently in business, in some demented definition of the word.  So, seriously, what the fuck?

Here's what happened on my first three attempts at this:

- Electrician 1.  Called, scheduled an in-home estimate during the day.  Rearranged my schedule so I could work at home in order to be there in the morning when he arrived.  Didn't show up on time.  Two hours past the agreed-upon time, a phone call was placed.  Electrician apologized and said he was on his way and would be there any time.  Another two hours later, electrician finally showed up.   Fail.

- Electrician 2.  Called, scheduled an in-home estimate during the day.  Rearranged my schedule so I could work from home in order to be there when he arrived.  Didn't show up on time.  Ninety minutes later, he arrived, performed the estimate and promised something in writing by email.  Time passes, email never arrives.  Two days after agreed-upon deadline for the estimate I send him a message.  Claims he "forgot" and would send it that day.  So far three more days have passed, estimate has not arrived.  Fail.

- Electrician 3.  Called, scheduled an in-home estimate first thing in the morning before work.  Having learned my lesson, I thought that perhaps being the first appointment of the day would avoid any job-overruns or other delays that could cause him to be late.  He said he had a job in town that morning so he said he could stop by at 7am before he went to the job site.  Perfect.  Didn't show up on time.  An hour later I left a message on his cell phone (which went straight to voicemail) telling him not to bother because I had to go to work.  Fail.

See a pattern here?  Keep in mind that this is not the cable company telling me they'll be here "between 12 and 4", these guys committed to a specific time and 100% of them failed to meet their commitment.  Bravo boys, bravo!

So, if you know a licensed electrician who is willing to talk to me, please get in touch.  But if they miss the appointment I will blog about you, and it might not be nice.