Another plug! But not a spark plug because diesels don't use them.
DSC_4038 by ptelford

I love my car. Of course, being the perfectionist (some might say "nerd" that I am), I do have a couple of minor complaints — the radio has some weird bugs that occasionally cause it to display the wrong channel name or skip channels when you twist the tuning knob, etc. — but overall I'm very satisfied.

I've had the car just a shade over two years and I have been using the heavy duty "Monster Mats" since day one. They are thick rubber all-weather mats that look like they should be pretty sturdy. I also have the plain cloth mats that come standard but those are tucked safely away for storage and have never been used. One day, 200,000 miles from now when I sell the car I can drop in those virginal cloth mats and the new owner will think I took excellent care of the car. Genius!

The Monster Mats® (I better not forget that ®, I don't want any Monster Lawyers™ coming after me!) are a $235 option from the dealer. I got them because they came pre-equipped on the car I bought and you try talking a car dealer into taking out the floor mats for you.

For $235 (which, by the way, does also include a heavy-duty trunk-liner) I would expect floor mats that can hold up to some abuse.  Hell, for $235 I expect to be able to pour molten lava on them.  So naturally I was a little upset to notice recently that my driver side floor mat has a hole worn all the way through it. The carpet underneath is also beginning to get slightly worn. I usually take my high heels off when I drive so I'm not sure how this happened so quickly. Apparently my tennis shoes are very, very abrasive. (If you would like me to come over and walk around in your kitchen in order to scrub the floors, just let me know.)

So, like any good citizen of this country who is concerned about our national economy, I put some of my dollars into circulation and bought some new mats. Unfortunately, even though I really only need one new mat (the kids can't reach the floor yet and Tara only gets to ride in my car as a treat on her birthday) I had to buy a whole new set of four. (In the industry we call this "profit".) So here comes the plug: Fowler VW of Oklahoma City happened to have a new set on eBay just waiting to be Buy It Now'ed… err, Bought it Now'd… or whatever. (I haven't yet met my parentheses quota for this post, so I should point out that these are actually upgraded 2011 model mats that say "TDI" instead of "Jetta" but are otherwise identical. So, yay, an upgrade!) And at one third the price of the factory option to boot. And, get this, Fowler VW packed, shipped and provided me with a tracking number just 6 minutes after I bid. Amazing! Props to their internet department, they are clearly on the ball. Highly recommended, A++++, would do business again!

So there you go… 500 words about my floor mats. You're welcome.