I'm all AMPed up about this recommendation
After my previous rant about trying to find an electrician, I figured the least I could do would be to give a plug to the one who successfully negotiated the customer service gauntlet and earned my business.

Byron Wise of WiseCo Electric showed up for the estimate on time (to the minute!), gave a quick, professional and reasonable estimate and then returned exactly as agreed when it was time to do the work.  Actually, one of his employees returned to do the work which was my only quibble — I don't care that someone else did it but Byron did lead me to believe that he would be performing the work himself.  Regardless, the job was done within the quoted time and everything is working great.  I've only received a couple of mild shocks from the loose wires hanging from the wall so far. (Kidding!)

Actually, now that I'm on a roll I do have one other minor quibble:  the work required attic access to pull the wires and there was a fair bit of dust and insulation fragments left on the ground under the attic access that was not cleaned up.  Maybe go the extra mile and travel with a dustbuster next time, eh?

So apart from those minor details I am satisfied which is more than I can say about the other companies I talked to prior to running across WiseCo.  Maybe if Google picks up this entry then someone out there searching for a recommendation on an electrician in Elk Grove or Sacramento or thereabouts (he's based out of Folsom) will find this post.

Now that my electricity situation is taken care of, my workshop is starting to come together.  Those details will have to be another post.