Serious About Awesome As F**k Hot Sauce
Hello, fair-weather friends.  Welcome to this year's edition of my on-again, off-again, multi-hyphenated year-end round-up of music you should be listening to.  Or, at least, music that I am listening to that.  Whether or not you listen to it as well is up to you, but I recommend it. You can thank me later.

This year I'm limiting myself to albums that were released in 2011, for no particular reason.

Mariachi El Bronx - Mariachi El Bronx (II) - iTunes or Amazon

The Bronx is a punk band, Mariachi El Bronx is their mariachi-style side project.  The lyrics are in English.   We saw them open for the Foo Fighters and even though we only caught part of their act I was willing to take a flyer on their album.  Well worth the (currently) $5 on Amazon or $8 on iTunes.  Cheap!

The Rubberbandits - Serious About Men - iTunes or Amazon

From the fine Irish gentlemen who brought you Horse Outside (which is included on this double disc).  All their comedy hip-hop hits, plus more than you haven't heard, along with a handful of prank phone calls for good measure.  Get past the accents and enjoy the clever wordplay and catchy beats.  Let's see who can learn the words to Ba Mhaith Liom Bruion le D'Athair first, shall we?

The Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committee Part Two - iTunes or Amazon

Also only $5 on Amazon at the moment.  It's the Beastie Boys, what else do I need to say?

Green Day - Awesome As F**k - iTunes or Amazon

The next best thing to seeing Green Day live, which is still on the bucket list.  Billie Joe overdoes it a bit with the "put your fucking hands in the air" line, probably because this is edited together from multiple shows.  Obviously the guys don't hold back and you can hear it in this disc.  Full-throttle Green Day.

The Lonely Island - Turtleneck and Chain - iTunes or Amazon

Sophomore album from the Lonely Island of SNL Digital Short fame. You've already heard a couple of these on the show, but there are plenty of new tracks as well.  A few misses (just skip the tracks that are under a minute) but overall worth it for the current $5 price on Amazon.  (Tons of good music there for cheap right now!)  I Just Had Sex and Motherlover are gold.

So, three rap albums, – two of which are comedy-rap – one punk album and one punk side-project.  Not the most eclectic line up in the world, I'll admit, especially considering that two of these bands are repeats from my roundup two years ago. Tweet, Google+, Facebook, or blog your suggestions on how I should expand my listening universe.  My headphones are standing by.