What is a Tannenbaum anyway?
DSC_3602 by ptelford
By now you should have received our Hanukkah card in the mail. If not, we either don't like you or your mail carrier doesn't like you. Never ones to follow the rules, we went for the unconventional Christmas-themed Hanukkah card this year. 

I have received a few compliments and questions on the photo, so I figured I would post the details so that you can all look like shameless ripoffs by copying it next year.

Aside: turns out that I am also a shameless ripoff because I got the idea from unskinny boppy.

The secret is turn off the house lights, crank up your ISO, open up the aperture and then drop the shutter speed as much as necessary. A tripod or sturdy surface to put the camera on is a must.  It also helps if you have two very photogenic kids.  (If your children are ugly then just turn off even more lights.)

In this case I ended up at ISO 3200, f/1.8 at 1/20 second. And that is how photographic history was made.