When Gowalla closed up shop last year, the one thing I knew I would miss was the really beautiful and sometimes intricate (see left) virtual stamps and pins you could collect by visiting various places around the world.  Some of the custom stamps were really well designed and it was a fun way to keep track of places you had been.

The long-promised ability to export pin & stamp data has never shown up (I'm shocked!) so I guess all that data is pretty much gone, sadly.  Luckily, with a bit of detective work you can track down a lot of the image files and so I was able to recreate part of my passport, at least for the countries and states I have visited.

North America:


Future, for now, past-tense by the end of this month:

There wasn't a Gowalla pin for Slovenia so I had to make that last one myself. Sorry it doesn't quite match up perfectly with the Gowalla style.

Update: scored one more during our trip!

… and my US State checklist.  Almost halfway to collecting them all!

If, by happenstance, you have arrived here from google looking for country or state pins, I have saved them here: http://droflet.net/gowalla/.  A complete(?) archive of spot stamps is beyond my level of patience but someone has put it together at http://pastehtml.com/view/bgb0hz9in.html.  Figuring out which one is which is left as an exercise to the reader.

And lastly here are some of my favorite stamps from my former collection: