Guitar Hero
Near the end of last year I finally got my garage/workshop setup just about the way I want. I even took the time to make a few tuneups to my table saw so now I can cut a board square and straight if I'm lucky. Victory! Here's how it more or less looks at the moment:

So what shall we do with all this heavy machinery? I was going to make a life-size statue of Batman and then sell it to Christopher Nolan for use in The Dark Knight Rises, but apparently I'm too late and he found one somewhere else. Blast. Something smaller perhaps.

Despite the fact that I can play little more than a few basic chords, I've wanted to build an electric guitar for a long time. Mostly just because I want to be able to add "luthier" to all my online profiles in the "About Me" boxes.

I bought a book on the subject over 18 months ago but never got any further. But 2013 is my year, we're doing it – where by "we" I mean "me", or actually "I'm" to be grammatically correct I suppose. So won't you tune in here as I throw money at StewMac for no good reason?

(See what I did there? Tune in? Plenty more where that came from.)