Obsessiveness level: albums
Love music?  You've come to the right post!

Rolling Stone puts out an occasionally-updated list of 500 greatest albums of all time.  The latest version is from 2012 and can be found on their website in a super-fucking-annoying slideshow format that requires 500 clicks and page loads to see the whole list.  Thankfully, some heroic person distilled it down to a single page that you can find on listology.com (also mirrored here).

So, since I pretty much listen to music all day at work anyway I figured why not try to crank through the list starting from one end and working my way to the other?  Sounds like fun and/or lunacy, right? Either way it's certainly not a unique idea – Sean Perrin is doing the same thing, albeit with what appears to be an earlier version of the Rolling Stone list.

Luckily, Spotify has most of these albums available for streaming, so here we go. In addition to my frequent movie reviews you have no doubt already come to love I'll be posting my album reviews in order starting from number 500 until I reach the top of the list, or just decide to give up.

Notes on methodology:  my goal is to try and get through every album in a reasonable amount of time and review it based on a first impression.  With 500(!) albums to listen to I am expecting this to take a while even if I'm fast so I'm not necessarily going to give each one a deep and repeated evaluation – my reviews will mostly be correspondingly short.

I'll tag each of the review posts with the "rolling stoned" label to make them easier to find in case you miss any.