Rolling Stoned: 496 - 492

• #496 Boz Scaggs - Boz Scaggs

A blues-country album with a couple of winners, such as the Duane Allman-powered Loan Me A Dime. Some of the songs are a bit too twangy for my taste but it's not a complete turn off.  I can appreciate how this would have been popular in the late 60s when it was released, although whether or not it is memorable/influential enough to really stand the test of time, I'm not so sure.

My rating: ★★★

• #495 Bonnie Raitt - Give It Up

Once again this is not exactly my style of music but overall I didn't find it terrible, despite sounding like it was straight out of the 70s (which it is). Some things age gracefully but this isn't really one of them. Might not be a bad album to have on in the background while you were doing something else, so in that context it earns a middle of the road rating.

My rating: ★★★

• #494 MGMT - Oracular Spectacular  - I own it!

Several tracks from this one (Time To Pretend, Electric Feel, and probably their best-known, Kids) have had significant air-play on the radio so this almost felt like listening to an old familiar favorite.  Overall very catchy and definitely worth a re-listen. I would probably add it to my library if it was on sale (Oh wait, it is on sale at Amazon MP3 for $3. Sold!)

My rating: ★★★★✩

• #493 Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

"I am an American aquarium drinker / I assassin down the avenue".  Sure, OK. Assassin as a verb… neat.  So that's the kind of album this is going to be. I guess this one would be good to put on as a mood relaxer, or to take your mind off the fact that it's the middle of winter and your best friend just got hit with a snowball near the corner of Fourth street while he was shoveling his neighbor's driveway. Because that's the sort of trippy nonsense that this album conjures up. It's not bad, it's just… different.

My rating: ★★✩

• #492 Eurythmics - Touch

You know what, I'm kinda getting bored of this music stuff I think I would like to listen to someone read the alphabet. Oh, and if it could be read in French that would be ideal.  Oh, hang on, that's track 11 of Touch.  Great!  Also, there are three minutes of exposition on how to cook rice and lentils in track 10.  And synthesizers, boy are there synthesizers! But not a hint of Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) to be found.  That might have saved this one but as is I can't give it any more than a mediocre evaluation.

My rating: ★★★