Transformers: Dark of the Moon, 2011 - ★½
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I finally got through this on my third attempt, after falling asleep the first couple of times.

I really liked the first Transformers, it was fresh and interesting despite the somewhat shaky premise (I mean, who knew that a movie based on the transformers toy would have ANY chance of success?), and the special effects were great.

The second one seemed like more of the same but was enjoyable enough.

The third one just seems to be beating a dead horse. They turned Sam into a whiny caricature and most of the other characters don't fare much better. Sam's parents are probably the most likable in the whole movie and they're hardly in it. I suppose the dark side of the moon plot is kinda interesting but it could have been better executed. Overall I just felt like this was a movie I could have happily lived without seeing.

P.S. Transformers 4 is only one short year away…