Rolling Stoned: 459
• #459: The Drifters – The Drifters' Golden Hits

For some reason this album is not available on Apple Music (or Spotify, put your pitchforks away, Apple haters) but all the individual songs are available as part of other albums or compilations.  And boy are there a lot of Drifters compilations!  This band has allegedly had at least 60 different vocalists[1], which I guess makes for a complicated back catalog.  In fact this whole album is almost duplicated by The Essentials but there are a few differences.  So after spending some time piecing it together into a playlist I was able to enjoy this little slice of oldies.

There are quite a few familiar songs here:  This Magic Moment, Under The Boardwalk, There Goes My Baby, etc. and those are quite pleasant and inoffensive.  These songs aren't exactly pushing the boundaries of musical performance but they fit the late 1950s early '60s era well and are fun to listen to.  The remaining songs that I was not as familiar with are much the same and I was quite happy to have this album playing in the car.  Overall I would definitely listen to this again if I was in the mood for some oldies, or maybe I'll use it as a playlist at my next Back To The Future theme party.

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